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Cardiovascular Products

Professional Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Device Type Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Weight of Device 0.51
Display Type 7 segment LCD
MDD Classification Class II a
AC Adapter Included Yes
Cuffs SS (12-18cm), S (17-22cm), M (22-32cm), L (32-42cm), XL (42-50cm).
Reference Standard EN1060-1:1995+A2:2009, EN1060-3:1997+A2:2009, EN80601-2-30:2010+A1:2015, EN ISO 81060-2:2013
Measurement Technology Oscillometric, Auscultatory
Measurement Method Dynamic Linear, Deflation method
Pressure Display Range 0 to 300 mmHg
NIBP Measurement Range SYS 60 to 250 mmHg, DIA 40 to 200 mmHg, PULSE 40 to 200 /min
NIBP Accuracy Maximum mean error within ±5 mmHg, Maximum standard deviation within 8 mmHg
Pulse Rate Accuracy Within ±5 % of reading
Item dimensions (mm): 130 x 175 x 120


Easy operation

The user interface is kept simple for frequent use in a clinical setting. A reading can be taken by pushing the start/stop button. Auscultation mode can be activated by a dedicated mode button.

Dual mode

Depending on patient's condition such as atrial fibrillation, fully automatic oscillometric measurement or manual auscultation mode (using a stethoscope) can be chosen.

Zero indicator function

The Zero Indicator shows that the device is reset to zero pressure level and is ready for the next measurement, ensuring accurate results.

Highly durable

Equipped with a highly durable pump, robust sensor and uniquely shaped sturdy plastic cuff connector, the device is durable enough to survive daily intensive use in hospitals and medical facilities.

Five cuff sizes available

Accuracy of all blood pressure monitors and patient comfort is dependent on using the correct cuff size for the patient. That’s why the monitor is compatible with a series of specially designed wipe-clean cuffs ranging from SS (12-18cm) to XL (42-50cm) (available as accessory).

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